What causes Air Con Leaking Water?


The three most common reasons for water leaks in Aircon are dirty filters or blocked heat exchangers, blocked drains, your air conditioning system has a leak and has lost refrigerant. They are fairly easy to diagnose and repair.

Remember: Turn off the power source before trying any of the following!


Dirty filters and / or blocked heat exchanger


If the filters or the heat exchanger coil are dirty or blocked, this results in a restriction of the airflow. This, in turn, can then lead to the temperature of the coil dropping. When the coil temperature falls below zero, moisture in the air condensing on the coil can freeze and form small ice flakes, which are then blown out of your air conditioner, resulting in water leaks.

Check the filters, and if they look dirty, give them a good clean with the hose or shower head. Remove all dirt and give them a spray with a kitchen or bath antiseptic spray to kill any bacteria or mold on them.

Check the aluminum coil behind the filters. If it is covered in dry lint, try to suck the bobbin carefully with the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. If it is particularly dirty, you must use a garden spray bottle and a strong grease to remove kitchen cleaners. Spray it on the reel, let it work for about 5 minutes, then rinse the spool with the spray bottle. This should remove the dirt and improve the airflow. Be careful not to bump water near the electrical control panel on the air conditioner.

ALWAYS read the manufacturer’s manuals on how to clean your heat pump or air conditioner properly!


Blocked drains


On a wall mounted ductless air conditioning system, a blocked drain can be quite obvious and easy to diagnose. Water will usually drip off the wall from the back of the unit and may also exit through the air outlet at the front when the drain is blocked.

Stand on a ladder to enable you to look down from the top of the air conditioner. On the bottom of the heat exchanger, there is a small plastic dish designed to trap the condensate generated by the cooling mode of the air conditioner. Make sure that this tray is not full of water or overfilled.

If your outdoor unit is located directly behind the wall, the indoor unit is mounted, your drain pipe will likely follow the pipelines through the wall and drip into the garden. If this is the case, find the end of the drainpipe outside, wipe the end clean with a cloth then blow as hard as you can into it. This should eliminate any blockages.

If you can not clear the blockade yourself or if it is buried in the wall, you must call a professional Aircon service company and book a service call.


Your air conditioner has a leak and has lost refrigerant


If your air filters and heat exchangers are clean and you have a lot of airflows, your air conditioner should supply a lot of cool air. If it fights to cool the room for a few hours and then begins water leakage from the air vent it can be short on refrigerant.

Set your heat pump to the lowest setting and let it run for a little while. Then, check the heat exchanger coil under the filters. When it is covered in ice, your air conditioner has a leak and requires a professional to operate it. If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, the leak needs to be detected and fixed before adding additional refrigerant.

If in doubt, or these tips don’t work, contact your local air conditioning company for a service.

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