Which is the best Air Conditioner Unit for Your Home in Singapore?


For that cool comfortable feeling during hot or extremely hot weather, an air conditioner is a wondrous thing. To feel that clean, cold and fresh air, it seems we can actually think clearer. Usually, we take them for granted until we come home from work one evening to find it has broken. There are many different brands of air conditioners in market, from small ones that cool one room to the large window air conditioners that can cool a whole downstairs portion of the house. There is also whole house air conditioning from a large unit situated alongside the outside of the house.


It is very important to have  air con in your home. The home is the place where everyone goes at the close of the day and they want to enjoy a comfortable environment, leaving the heat outdoors. The best way to do that is to install air con into your home or office. With many varieties of units to choose from, there are professionals who  know how to give you the kind of power and conditioning you need so that you never have to think about whether you will have enough cool air to make a difference. You will be more than satisfied that you have made the right choice.


It is likely that the type of air conditioning system that is most well-adapted for your home varies depending on the home layout, size and design. Different applications also require different kinds of AC systems, such as commercial, business, and homeowner usage. Most often, window air conditioners and split systems are found being used. We highlight to you the variety available when choosing an AC for use.


As previously mentioned, where a particular kind of AC system will be put to best use varies according to factors like the size of the area that needs to be kept cool, total amount of heat produced within this closed up area, and much more. HVAC designers are well equipped with the knowledge to assess all such relevant parameters and make a logical suggestion regarding the most appropriate system for the space under observance.


Window AC

Being the most oft-used of air conditioning systems in single rooms, all of the components on the window AC, which are the condenser, compressor, evaporator, cooling coil, and expansion coil or valve, are fitted into one single unit box. This box is then set into a special slot constructed into the room’s wall. In place of a newly made slot, a pre-existing window sill can also be used.


Split AC

This air conditioner has 2 main parts, which are its indoor and outdoor units. Connected to the exterior of the room, the outdoor part contains the condenser, expansion valve, and compressor. On the other hand, the cooling coil, fan, and evaporator are within the inner unit. The split air condition does not require a separate slot to be made into the room’s wall. In addition, modern day split ACs often sport an aesthetic look that adds to the general beauty and design of any room. These often have a larger capacity than window air cons and are able to cool more than 1 room at times depending on its power.


Packaged AC

This kind of AC is perfect for your needs if you’re looking to cool in excess of 2 rooms, large spaces like living room areas or large office spaces. You have a choice between 2 different arrangements with the packaged AC. The former one has all of its parts, which are the evaporator, compressor, expansion valve, and condenser fixed in one box unit. The condenser may be cooled by air or water. Ducts laid out throughout the different rooms to be cooled carry along cooled air which has been driven by a high power blower.


The other arrangement of air conditioning systems consist of a condenser and compressor in one housing case. However, here, the compressed gases flow through several single units, each of which consist of a cooling coil and expansion valve and are located in a different room.


Central AC Systems

This AC system is used in the cooling of large-scale residential buildings and wide offices as well as factories, cinemas, auditoriums, gymnasium centers and complete hotels.HVAC engineers typically find it suitable to place separate units for each room if it the entire building that must have air conditioning. However, this tends to be quite costly both on the longer run and initially. You will, of course, also need to take into the consideration the fact that cooling of a huge space like a big hall, a gallery, or a mall, can only be feasibly done using a central AC unit syste