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How to Perform AirCon Troubleshooting in Singapore?


The air-conditioning system has become an essential component in all offices, shopping centers, cars and most households. Since air conditioning machines are machines, they will definitely break off. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to have some information on how to fix some simple air-conditioning issues.


Aircon Troubleshooting


Let’s just discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about how to perform the Aircon Troubleshooting in the Singapore context.


1. Why is your air-con unit leaking?
There are 2 main reasons why your air conditioning system is leaking. The drainage tube could be stifled with soiled particles so that the water can not be drained, resulting in leakage from the device. Another reason could be a poor installation by the contractor, with no proper gradient of the drainpipe.
2. Why is your air conditioner not cold?
Blowers and air filters can become soiled and dusty. Or it may be that the thermostat is set too high and the unit is undersized.
3. Why is your air-con unit producing foul odors?
This could be sucked into your air unit by the smell of cigarettes, odors or other airborne contaminants.
4. What will happen if you do not service my air-con units?
The air-con unit will gradually be unable to produce cold air, and water leakage may occur.
5. How often should I service my air-con units?
For households, it is neccessary to service your air-con units once every 3 months. For air-con units in offices, it should be serviced every month since the usage is generally higher. Aircons which are serviced regularly tends to break down less often and saves more energy.
6. Why is it necessary to dismantle the fan coil unit for chemical wash?
It is necessary as the dirt at the cooling coil can be washed and cleaned thoroughly.
7. How should I choose the right type of air-con unit for my home or office?
There are 3 steps to take note of over here. The first step is to identify the areas that you require air-conditioning. The second step is to determine which type of air-conditioning units that you want, for e.g. brands, power and savings. The last step is to choose a professional contractor help you choose the right types that suit your needs.
8. How to choose the right contractor?
Always check the types of guarantees that the contractors offer and make sure that the contractors have registered offices for accountability.

The weather has become so warm that air-conditioning units are essential almost for everybody. Hope that the above frequently asked questions can help you to gain more insights about how you can troubleshoot your air-con units.

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