Aircon Servicing Deals in Singapore

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maintenance of your Aircon on a Adhoc or Yearly basis.
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Looking for Good Aircon Servicing deals in Singapore?


In Singapore, air conditioning is essential to living comfortably in the home. When it fails, immediate service is often needed which is why Aircon360 Singapore is the one to call. We provide Aircon Servicing, installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning systems at affordable & competitive so that you and your family can live comfortably all year round.


Aircon Servicing Singapore


Aircon360 Singapore consists of professional air conditioning technicians & specialists trained to deliver the proper & safe services to your air conditioning system. From installing new air conditioners, inspecting and maintaining them on a regular basis, and acting fast if they should break down. Our experience, skill, and professionalism mean that you can rest assured that your air conditioning system will be taken care of properly so that it is repaired and running in a prompt manner.

We offer good price competitive aircon service packages for Adhoc (No Contract) and yearly maintenance. We may not be the cheapest in the market, however, we ensure we use good materials and demonstrate careful and skillful workmanship, warranty, and support to delight our customers. Check the details below.


Our Aircon Servicing Deals Singapore


Adhoc or One Time Aircon Servicing Price Deal in Singapore:

 # Of Aircon Fancoils Price
 1 Fancoil $50
 2 Fancoil $70
 3 Fancoil $90
 4 Fancoil $120
 5 Fancoil $150


Yearly Aircon Service maintenance contract Price:

 # Of Aircon Fancoils Price (4x Service Per Year)
 1 Fancoil $120
 2 Fancoil $200
 3 Fancoil $300
 >=4 Fancoil $100 per unit

Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Other Aircon Services We Render


Besides Aircon Servicing, Aircon360 also covers these additional services such as new Aircon installationChemical OverhaulGas Top-Up serviceaircon repair, and troubleshooting. We are confident that we will delight you with our sincere and quality services to achieve your 100% satisfaction with us.

At Aircon360 Singapore, we are the air conditioner specialists that keep you cool in the hot seasons & Occasional Haze in Singapore. Call today and find out more about how we can help you.


How We Deliver the Aircon Services


Depending on your needs, Aircon360 Singapore offers a wide variety of services that range from installing, inspection, maintenance, and repair for your air conditioner. Our Aircon Service encompasses:

Installation: Our professional team can install your air conditioner quickly and efficiently, replacing your old unit or providing new air conditioning to your home. We can inspect and place your air conditioner where it is most effective in terms of size and cooling ability.

Inspection: If you run a business or perhaps are wondering if your home air conditioner needs repair, we can send a trained, professional technician to inspect your air conditioner. We offer low rates for inspection and can make recommendations based on what we find.

Maintenance: Our respected maintenance services mean that your air conditioner will run smoother with less chance of breakdown throughout the year. Our technician will inspect and replace any parts that are worn down to reduce the chance that a repair will be needed. Maintenance service comes in either Adhoc (i.e One time) or by yearly contract, check the rate in the chart below for the pricing.

Repair: However, even the best maintenance programs cannot prevent all repair situations from occurring. If your air conditioner breaks down, we can quickly schedule a technician to arrive so that it can be repaired in a prompt manner. At Aircon360 Singapore, we offer the best in repair services that get your air conditioner up and running again.


Why Choose Aircon360 Service?


There are good reasons why Aircon360 air conditioning services stand out from the rest starting with our professional team of trained technicians who only care about ensuring that your air conditioner is running properly.

Fast Service: We understand how important having a working air conditioner is in Singapore, which is why our friendly, courteous staff is waiting for your call. Our appointments are designed to fit your needs so that our technicians can arrive quickly so that you can have your air conditioning unit returned to normal operations.

Excellent Services: In addition to installation and repair, our maintenance service provides you with a low-cost means of keeping your air conditioner running through the heat of the sun. Our preventative maintenance measures mean a far lower chance of your air conditioner unit breaking down.

One of the Best Aircon Servicing Deals in Singapore: We charge low, affordable rates that fall within your budget so that you get more for less. We understand that setting our business apart from the rest means offering you competitive rates that save you money.


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