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Aircon360 Singapore is one of the best and leading Aircon servicing company in Singapore. The name Aircon360 denotes the ALL-ROUND Services we provide in Aircon Services and Installation, which is our Forte and Strength through >10 years of experience in the industry.


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We have a team of aircon specialist who had been in the industry with more than 10 years’ experience and our contractors are Singapore BCA Licensed. We have vast experience in aircon servicing, repair, and installations for all types of property in Singapore such as HDB/BTO flats, executive/private condominiums, bungalows, semi-detached house, and terrace houses.

Our aircon staff/specialists were all highly skilled and professionally trained to deliver quality services. Safety is our priority, all aircon must be installed to the highest safety standards and aligning to HDB/BCA guidelines. We use the best quality materials to ensure the aircon installation and service could last long and durable, with ease of maintenance and peace of mind for our customers.

Our Mission

To provide the Best Quality & Affordable Aircon Service to enable our customers to stay cool, stay comfy and healthy!

Our Vision

To be the Best & Most popular Aircon Service Provider in Singapore.

The proper Aircon servicing company in Singapore that residents trust for installation, general servicing, chemical cleaning, and overhaul of air conditioning units have upfront pricing in terms of their service. That’s why our company is proud to display our rates so that there are no hidden fees or surprise charges as we believe in total transparency and sincerity. What we do for you is explained before our services begin so you know what is expected in terms of the fees that are charged.


Aircon Services We Render


Aircon360 covers all the Aircon services such as Aircon Maintenance Service (adhoc/Yearly), new Aircon InstallationChemical Overhaul, Gas Top-Up service, aircon repair and troubleshooting. We are confident that we will delight you with our sincere and quality services to achieve your 100% satisfaction on us.

At Aircon360 Singapore, we are the air conditioner specialists that keeps your cool in the hot seasons & Occasional Haze in Singapore. Call today and find out more about how we can help you.


How Our Aircon Servicing Fees Work?


As you can see from our fee structure, our charges will depend on what is required for our services on your air conditioner. The fees are divided up between different types of services along with the overall size and number of air conditioner units that will be serviced.

General Services: We charge a flat fee for our general services which usually include maintenance, inspection, and replacing parts that are wearing out. When performed annually in the spring before the hot temperatures strike, our general services can get your air conditioner into shape so it performs well over the next several months.

Cleaning: A good cleaning of your air conditioner will help it to run smoothly over the hot summer months and prevent issues such as excessive condensation and other related problems from occurring. Having your air conditioner cleaned improves its efficiency and reduces the chance of breakdown.

Overhaul: This is our repair services when your air conditioner breaks down and needs major attention. However, we also offer a longer guarantee for our workmanship so that if the repair was not fully completed or the same issue strikes again within the timeframe of the warranty, you will be protected.

We also include a troubleshooting fee in which your air conditioner is inspected and any issues that it has brought to your attention. Our fee is small and affordable so that if something is found, it can be replaced quickly so that a major issue does not develop.

We are the Aircon servicing company that Singapore residents and businesses trust for our line of services that all come with low, affordable, and known pricing. You should know what the services for installation, repair, maintenance, cleaning, and overhaul cost before the technicians arrive. That’s why we are open with our pricing policy so you can make the best-informed decision about our services to you. Call today and find out more about our pricing and the services that we provide to keep your air conditioner running smooth.


Why Choose Us?


  • We provide free on site survey & Quick quote with one Final nett Price, Total Transparency with No Surprise!
  • After Installation and Service Warranty
  • Best Price & Quality
  • Excellent Post Sales customer services
  • We don’t charge GST!

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