Aircon Gas Top Up Singapore

Aircon Refrigerant Gas R410/R22 Top Up to ensure your aircon keeps delivering cool air.
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What Causes the Need to Perform Aircon Gas Top Up in Singapore?


If an air conditioner is maintained regularly and correctly, there should not be a need to Top up the aircon refrigerant gas. This is similar to our Refrigerators where it is pretty seldom we need to top up the gas unless there is a gas leak due to wear and tear.


Aircon Gas Top Up Singapore


The common cause of the Gas leak is a leak in the tubing, there may be holes that cause the leak due to wear and tear that need to be replaced. Usually, the serviceman will check the Gas level, determine if the tubing is damaged, replaced it as necessary, and top up the gas using the R22 or R410 refrigerant gas depending on the brand & model of aircon you are using.

Do not attempt to do it yourself for Aircon Gas Top up in Singapore as most of us live in the high rise building and the gas top up valve is at the compressor. It is going to be very dangerous if you attempt to do it yourself. If mishandled, it could damage the system cause safety issues, or even risk your life or others. Even though your aircon may be accessible and on the ground level, you may not have the gas pressure gauge/meter and equipment to test the gas pressure to ensure you had done it right.

Therefore, let the Aircon Specialist or professional to do it for you to have peace of mind. Moreover, it doesn’t really cost a lot to have the Aircon Gas Top Up in Singapore. Our Aircon Gas Top Up Singapore service comes with a 30 days warranty on the Leakage, we will come back to troubleshoot if the leak persists or the aircon is still not cold after the service.


Our Aircon Gas Top Up Singapore Service Price


 Type Of Aircon Gas Top Up Singapore Service Price
 R22 Aircon Gas Top Up $80
 R410 Aircon Gas Top Up $80 – $150

Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Other Aircon Services We Render


Besides new Aircon Installation, Aircon360 also covers these additional services such as Aircon Maintenance Service (Adhoc/Yearly), Chemical Overhaul, Troubleshooting, and aircon repair. We are confident that we will delight you with our sincere and quality services to achieve your 100% satisfaction with us.

At Aircon360 Singapore, we are the air conditioner specialists that keep you cool in the hot seasons & Occasional Haze in Singapore. Call today and find out more about how we can help you.

Get Aircon Gas Top Up Singapore Service before the leak gets worse which could damage the system.