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Why Choose Branded Air Conditioner?


For those who are considering getting a new air conditioning unit, the brand plays an important role in determining the quality of the purchase. While the brand name alone is not really a factor, it is the reputation of the brand for its overall quality, durability, performance, and ease of repair & maintenance that makes it desirable for your home. Moreover, the branded aircon usually package with at least 1-year warranty on parts and labor which gives the consumer peace of mind.

The Aircon brand that Singapore residents trust to cool their homes must offer air conditioning units that are built for the unique weather conditions in Singapore, which in this case, most of the aircon brand in Singapore qualifies for that.


Aircon Brand in Singapore


We carry only the best, so you can select from a proven, reliable aircon brand in Singapore that offers many years of valuable services. What follows is a list of brands that we carry which also means that we can services these brands for maintenance or repair.



We are adding to our list of aircon brand in Singapore on a regular basis, so you may see new items on the list from time to time. While the designs of each branded aircon vary, the fundamental mechanisms and functions are similar, therefore our aircon specialist should still be able to provide the service in cases where your aircon brand is less popular or unique.


Choosing the Right Aircon Brand in Singapore


Selecting the right brand for your home starts with the names that are familiar to you and the performance that they provide. The good news about reputable brands is that they are usually built to provide many years of great service. After all, an aircon brand does not develop a reputation for being good, reliable, and durable unless the customers who have purchased the product feel that way about it.


Familiarity: Going with what is familiar is not bad at all when choosing an air conditioner. While your initial knowledge may be limited to the brand name itself, it does provide a starting point so you can explore which ones may work best for your needs.

Research: The good news is that there is plenty of information available about every air conditioning unit so that you only have to spend a few minutes looking over the ones that interest you. All you need is the basic information about its performance so that the size matches the space you have, the history of the unit, and the reliability of the brand itself.

Recommendations: We can offer our expertise in terms of what brand, size, and type of air conditioning unit may work for your residence. This is because if you get an air conditioner that is too small or underpowered, it may not fully cool your residence. Our trained, professional technicians can help you find the right one for your needs that fits your budget.


Call us today and let our friendly, courteous staff help you in finding the one that works best for your needs. Plus, we can answer your questions about each brand and provide excellent maintenance and repair services. We are the company that provides you with the best air conditioning brand in Singapore for your needs at a price that fits your budget!


Other Services we Render


Besides new branded Aircon Installation, Aircon360 also covers these additional services such as Aircon Maintenance Service (Adhoc/Yearly), Chemical Cleaning, Gas Top-Up service, aircon repair, and troubleshooting. We are confident that we will delight you with our sincere and quality services to achieve your 100% satisfaction with us.

At Aircon360 Singapore, we are the air conditioner specialists that keep your cool in the hot seasons & Occasional Haze in Singapore. Call today and find out more about how we can help you.


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