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We Find and Address the Root Cause of your Aircon issue, from as low as $30, depending on the complexity.

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Aircon Repair SingaporeThe importance of your air conditioner becomes fully realized when it breaks down during the hottest part of the year in Singapore. Our Aircon Repair Singapore Services ensure that our fully trained, professional technicians arrive quickly to correct the issue all for a low, affordable price. If your air conditioner needs repair, let Aircon360 Singapore be the company you call for service, you will be assured that we will follow through end to end to get your air conditioner back into function again!


How Our Aircon Repair Singapore Services Work


Everything starts when you call our offices and describe the issue to us. We will schedule an appointment at the earliest possible convenience so our technicians can arrive to fix the problem. Upon arrival, our professionals will inspect and determine the cause of the breakdown so that it can be repaired. In most cases, most repairs will only take a short time within an hour to complete so that your air conditioner will be up and running.

However, there may be instances where the repairs may cost more than a new unit. Before we take any action, our technicians will inform you of the problem and what it will take to correct it and options for your consideration. That way, you are not surprised by the services performed or have any hidden charges apply or surprises. Our services are designed to provide you with fast, efficient repair of your air conditioner. We want you to make the best-informed decision about any recommendation that includes a new air conditioner if that is recommended by our technicians.


Signs of Aircon Breakdown


While some breakdowns are unexpected and come with no warning, there are others that show definite warning signs. By calling us when you notice something wrong and before your air conditioner breaks down, we may be able to save you a considerable amount of money on aircon repairs.

  • Unusual Noises, louder than usual.
  • Sounds of Straining
  • Excessive Water Flowing from the Air Conditioner
  • Cool Air Not Blowing from the Ducts

You can help prevent many repairs by cleaning or changing your air filters on a regular basis. This allows the air conditioner to run smoothly and without strain. If you hear any unusual noises that persist or if the air conditioner sounds like it is straining when in operation, that may be a sign of a part (e.g. roller motor) that is wearing out. Replacing a part costs a fraction compared to replacing the unit or making major repairs because of a worn part.

Excessive water buildup is a sign of condensation and a dirty air filter. You can replace the filter and see if the problem persists. If cool air is no longer blowing from the air conditioners, that may be a sign that the coolant inside needs replacement. Our technicians can be at your residence to repair your air conditioner in a prompt, complete manner that is backed by our guarantee. This means that if our repair did not solve the problem, we will be back to correct it quickly without extra charge.


Our Aircon Repair Singapore Service Price

We charge only what is needed to get the unit back to function! We are able to fix most/all branded aircon problems such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, LG, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Samsung, Carrier, Hitachi or York. 

 Type Of Aircon Repair Singapore Service  Price
Aircon Problem and issue Troubleshooting (Full System Check) $80 per hour, Service charge will be waived if you engage us to fix the issue
Aircon Repair To be quoted on site as the cost depends on the complexity of the issue and parts replacement if needed.

Note: Prices are subject to Change without prior notice.


Call Aircon360 Singapore to Fix the Aircon Problem


Our Aircon Repair Singapore services are designed to fit your budget while repairing most issues with your air conditioner. Call today and let our friendly, courteous staff explain our repair services, answer your questions, and provide the best in air conditioning repair services which many other Singapore residents had entrusted us.


Other Aircon Services We Render

Besides new Aircon Installation, Aircon360 also covers these additional service such as Aircon Maintenance Service (adhoc/Yearly), Chemical Overhaul, Gas Top-Up service and troubleshooting. We are confident that we will delight you with our sincere and quality services to achieve your 100% satisfaction on us.

At Aircon360 Singapore, we are the air conditioner specialists that keeps your cool in the hot seasons & Occasional Haze in Singapore. Call today and find out more about how we can help you.

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